Sandel & Associates offers a variety of services to meet our customers requirements. Our  
unique experience allows us to take a project from inception to completion.
  • Community Visioning
  • Community Engagement
  • Custom Playbook or Readiness Guide
  • Pilot Projects for Smart or Gigabit Cities
  • TOD or TDD Smart or Gigabit City Planning.
  • Strategic Planning for an Individual Project, for a City or Metropolitian Area.
  • Smart City Economic Development Impact Statement, Tax Revenue Flows and Job Creation
  • Feasabilty Study, Business Model or Business Plan
  • RFI or RFP Development
  • Contract Development
  • System Design Engineering or Construction Management
  • ICT/IoE Services Development
  • Community or Leadership Education Services
  • Strategic Planning at the City, Metropolitan or County Level.
  • Smart City, Gigabit City or Intelligent Community Services Management