April 28, 2016

(ST. LOUIS, MO. April 28, 2016) Building the Smart City Workshop - Ottawa Canada

Sandel & Associates will conduct a Building the Smart City Workshop in Ottawa, Canada on April 28th 2016. The workshop will explore what Smart City could mean for Ottawa, and will discuss how to go about achieving that, and what roles different parts of the civic and business world can and should play. The Building The Smart City Workshop will also capture ideas about what are the most immediate steps Ottawa can take to put Ottawa on the path to being a preeminent Smart City.

Other North American cities are already moving on that path to create new business opportunities, drive economic development, and build brighter, more livable futures for their citizens. Ottawa has decided to move forward to keep pace. This workshop is a major component as we work to develop a Smart City Playbook for Ottawa.. Leaders from across the business, civic, and cultural landscape of Ottawa have been invited. Together, their experience, perspective, and ideas will develop the long-term strategies, short-term tactics, and concrete projects that will make up Ottawa's Building the Smart City Playbook.

Sandel & Associates experience includes the Google Fiber initiative in Kansas City, the Nashville Electric Service, Hydro Ottawa, the Gigabit City Summit, and other projects.



January 16, 2016

(ST. LOUIS, MO. January 16, 2016) Smart City Internet Exchange SCIX Being Planned for St. Louis.

In September the White house announced first round Smart City funding of $160 M. The funding is primarily aimed at research, NSF, NIST, the US Ignite programs and executive education. Most of the research dollars will be used for Smart City and related IoE app development. But this is just the beginning for Smart City and IoE development in the United States. 

To accelerate Smart City, IoE, analytics and sensor network development for the St. Louis region, the Smart City Internet Exchange is being formed now to provide peering services, and to also act as a service delivery point for Smart City, IoE, regional analytics and sensor networks

To learn more about the Smart City SCIX workshop that is being held January 21st at the T-Rex in downtown St. Louis, check out the following link - SCIX Smart City Workshop.

October 14, 2014

(ST. LOUIS, MO) SIU-C Next Generation Broadband and Community

Revitalization Planning Workshop Set for September 21st and 22nd

While the Internet continues to play an ever-bigger role in academic and civic life, speed and capacity in most areas of the US lags behind. SIU-C and Carbondale leadership are taking steps toward bringing a Next Generation Broadband network to Southern Illinois and implementing a plan for community revitalization.

Initial planning for that network is underway. On Monday, September 21, SIU-C students are part of that effort. A team from digital planning consultants Sandel and Associates is holding a workshop from 5pm to 8pm that evening in the Student Union. Participants will learn what happened when Google Fiber came to Kansas City, how 19th century transportation is bringing 21st century technology and community revitalization to the St. Louis Delmar Loop area, and how others are takingadvantage of ultra-high-speed connections.

Most important, they will have an active voice in developing the playbook that SIU-C and Carbondale will use as they move toward such a network here and community revitalization. The interactive workshop will develop ideas, strategies, and tactics to be included in the plan the community will put forward.

Technical expertise is not a requirement for participating in the workshop. All of us depend on the Internet, all of us can play a role in making it work better for us.



(ST. LOUIS, MO) - High-Speed Wireless Internet and Public Gigabit Wi-Fi Come to The Delmar Loop

The Loop Media Hub, in conjunction with STLWiMAX, is pleased to announce that high-speed wireless Internet service and public Gigabit Wi-Fi will be available in The Delmar Loop beginning January 1, 2015.

For the last several months The Loop Media Hub and STLWiMAX have been working on a high-speed wireless service offering that will improve The Delmar Loop's ability to conduct business, attract residents, and draw a wider audience. High-speed Internet capability and public Gigabit Wi-Fi capability means The Delmar Loop will be poised to be St. Louis' next technology and innovation corridor.

Gigabit speeds will give students, residents and businesses a level of connectivity that is significantly faster than what the average person has at home today. Gigabit speeds will also allow users to work faster, be more productive and develop new business or educational opportunities.

"This is a defining moment for The Delmar Loop," said David Sandel, Program Manager for The Loop Media Hub. "The Delmar Loop has a long history of innovation, and this new communications infrastructure will move the Loop into its next phase as a regional and national destination for the arts, innovators, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, media and data-heavy businesses.

"Internet has become vital to our empowerment as individuals, businesses, and communities," said Ben Koeneker, CEO of STLWiMAX. "Matching the creative and innovative output of The Delmar Loop community with the ability to upload and publish freely makes sense. As a provider, we want to enable the producers and the consumers of data equally.

"The network connectivity and speed enabled by this project will attract a number of entrepreneurial persons and organizations to The Delmar Loop," said Johnnie Foster, Director of The Professional Education Technology and Leadership Center at Washington University in St. Louis. "The inclusive atmosphere of The Delmar Loop, coupled with this leading edge technology, creates a very attractive and innovative environment."

Loop Media Hub Board members who have worked diligently to make this possible include Kelly Pollock, Executive Director for COCA-Center of Creative Arts; Jill McGuire, Executive for The Regional Arts Commission; John Meyer, attorney with Capes, Sokol, Goodman, and Sarachan; George Wu of The Midwest Chinese American Association and attorney with Husch Blackwell; Faith Varwig, Principal with Faith Group; and Michael Orlowski, attorney for The Loop Media Hub Board and attorney with Polsinelli. The Loop Media Hub Board also extends a special thanks to the creative team at Integrity.




The Loop Media Hub initiative is a community organization that promotes access to unique local, national, and international collaboration opportunities made possible by Gigabit fiber and infrastructure in the St. Louis region. The Loop Media Hub will be recognized as The First Gigabit Main Street, for its contribution to One of the 10 Great Streets in America and for the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhoods in the heart of St. Louis.

August 23, 2014

ST. LOUIS, MO. August 23, 2014 - The Loop Media Hub will be recognized as The First Gigabit Main Street in America, for its contribution to One of the 10 Great Streets in America, 

Given the St. Louis region's entrepreneurial culture, diverse talent base and underutilized infrastructure, the St. Louis area is a prime candidate for low cost, fiber-connected innovation neighborhoods. The Loop Media Hub will be recognized as The First Gigabit Main Street in America, for its contribution to One of the 10 Great Streets in America, and for the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhoods in the heart of St. Louis.

The Loop Media Hub was conceived, designed and developed by Sandel & Associates.

July 21, 2014

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Google has been making national headlines with the introduction of revolutionary new internet speeds in Kansas City,

But a St. Louis group is doing the same thing here, and you might see the fruits of their labor in the Delmar Loop within weeks.The Loop Data Rail, as it's being called, is a Gigabit speed internet project. The infrastructure will be laid in underneath the tracks being installed for the new Delmar Look Trolley. Proponents say the project could be a game changer for businesses and their customers alike.

July 4, 2014

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, July 4,2014 - "Google Slaps! St. Louis" and "David Sandel strikes back with The Loop Data Rail."

"Dave Sandel is on a mission to give you ultra-fast fiber Internet — speeds that will blow away what you're using now. He's starting in The Delmar Loop but if things go his way, he'll be in a neighborhood near you soon enough.

His efforts couldn't come at a more crucial time for St. Louis. In February, Google Fiber — Google's super-fast Internet service that's already available in places like Kansas City — passed on St. Louis when it announced its short-list for future expansion. Later this year, the search giant will release a more formal timeline for expansion "

March 31, 2014

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, March 31, 2014 - Broadband Communities Austin Summit April 10 -Breakfast Keynote " The Coming Competitive Storm - Is Your City Ready ? "

In February, Google Fiber chose 34 more cities for possible fiber deployments. Google noted that "hundreds of mayors from across the U.S. have stated that abundant high-speed Internet access is essential for sparking innovation, driving economic growth and improving education." Google added that "dozens of others have made high-speed broadband a pillar of their economic development plans."

The latest Google Fiber announcement has spurred unprecedented awareness among city officials and economic development agencies across the U.S. and the world. The question being asked now is "how do we proceed – how will we compete." In this session, David Sandel, an advisor to the Google Fiber Mayors Bi-state Innovation Team, will pinpoint the stakes at risk today. He will specify what all cities need to consider in moving forward – including Google and non-Google cities – and provide initial guidance on what will separate the city economic development winners from the losers.

December 10, 2013

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, December 10, 2013 – The Loop Media Hub and Sandel & Associates announce The Loop Data Rail.

Sandel & Associates and The Loop Media Hub Inc. announce The Loop Data Rail™ – high speed Gigabit Fiber access and Smart City initiative for the community along The Loop Trolley right of way.

Now "Speed" Will Return to The University City Loop and Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood in St. Louis. Just as the rails provided speed for The Trolley, a Gigabit Internet fiber optic cable laid beneath The Loop Trolley tracks will provide for very high speed Gigabit Internet access to business' and residents along The Loop Trolley right of way.

The Loop Data Rail is an outgrowth of The Loop Media Hub feasibility study and a community planning cycle that has produced two major industry firsts. First, Loop Data Rail will become the first Gigabit Main Street™ in America. Just as main street neighborhoods flourished one hundred years ago across our country, today we will begin to rebirth select neighborhoods with the Gigabit Main Street economic development plan developed in St. Louis.

Secondly, Gigabit Main Street also represents the first practical application of Giganomics™ that has been developed by Sandel & Associates. Giganomics will provide a model and process by which Smart or Gigabit Cities can begin to confidently plan for their initiatives while enjoying substantial cost savings by the identification of related community revenue flows.

Facebook – Loop Data Rail, Twitter @loopdatarail

November 15, 2013

Sandel & Associates Introduces New Industry Term "Giganomics" at the Broadband Communities Economic Development Summit

TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS, November 8, 2013 – There is a new holy grail in economic development, and it isn't land use, tax policy, or cheap energy costs. In a word, it's Giganomics.... Be sure to check out this ground breaking economc developmentprocess as no Gigabit community should plan without a Gigabit Economic Development Impact Statement.



June 10, 2013

 “The Future of American Communities – The Loop Media Hub and Kansas City Google Fiber”

In March of 2011, The People of Kansas City, Kansas rejoiced that Google had picked them to be the very first city in the nation to be a part of its Gigabit fiber initiative. Up until the time that the actual announcement was made, nearly 1,100 cities petitioned Google to be the city, includingTopeka, Kansas, which changed its name to Google in hopes of winning the award. Less than two years later, Kansas City now has several hundred homes with Google Fiber to the home, while in St. Louis The Loop Media Hub ecodistrict embraces an innovative leadership team and a proposed Gigabit Fiber and wireless network that could become the first boutique Gigabit Mainstreet when The Loop Trolley construction begins fall of 2013. In this June 20th session at Washington University in St Louis, David Sandel President of Sandel & Associates, leadership from The Kansas City Google Fiber initiative including Aaron Deacon Director of KC Digital Drive and Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group will come together and review both of these exciting Gigabit City initiatives as well as the collaboration that has taken place between the two communities since June 2011. After the presentation, a special panel session with members from both Kansas City and The Loop Media Hub community will consider the future of St. Louis region as a Gigabit City.

Light dinner will be served; special guests to be announced. Register Here.



April 1, 2013

David Sandel Speaks at the Recent FCC Gigabit City Challenge Workshop

The topic presented was the economic development impact to the Kansas City GMP ($105.9B Gross Metropolitan Product) with regard to regional video conferencing capability. The session segment is at 22 and 30 minutes with many comments later in the program.



February 19, 2013

CBS Radio Breaks News Regarding The Loop Media Hub Initaitive in St. Louis

St. Louis initiative expected to set a standard for Gigabit Main Streets across the USA.

Feburary 1, 2013

David Sandel Interviewed Regarding the FCC Gigabit City Challenge Program



July 14, 2013

David Warm Exec Director of MARC Interviewed Regarding Gigabit City Summit Session II


May 23, 2012

The Mid American Regional Council (MARC) and The Mayor's Bistate Innovation Team (MBIT) Release

the Playing to Win Playbook

After almost one year of community engagment by a variety of community organizitons across the KC metro area, the MBIT Playbook has finally been released. Although written for the general public and policy makers, some of the Plays have strong implications for the future of American Cities as we enter into the new Gigabit economy.


April 15, 2012

The Mid American Regional Council (MARC) of Kansas City Works with Sandel & Associates iDevelopment of The Mayor's Bistate Innovation Team (MBIT) Playbook - Kansas City Google Fiber

Aaron Deacon of CurioLab and David Sandel of Sandel & Associates are working with the MBIT team to finalize the Playbook for Kansas City's Google Fiber project.

March 1, 2012

Washington University in St. Louis Taps Sandel & Associates to Move Forward with The Loop Media Hub Planning Process.

Stakeholders include University City, The Center for Creative Arts, The Regional Arts Council, The University City Chamberof Commerce, The St. Louis Development Corporation and The St. Louis County Economic Council. The LoopMedia Hub vision if realized could become the first "botique" Gigabit innovation community in The United States.


September 8, 2011

Tim Campbells new book; Beyond Smart Cities, How Cities Network, Learn and Innovate,

Tim lays out a new vision for how communities can achieve breakthroughs and catalyze, convert and connect information in knowledge communities.


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Burns & McDonnell to Host Broadband Summit at its World Headquarters in Kansas City


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August 26, 2011                                                        Roger Dick: 816-822-3339

Burns McDonnell launches the Kansas City Broadband Governance Leadership Summit website



 August 8, 2011

Need Blazing Fast Internet? Gig.U Is Now in Session