Effective Smart City Community Engagement

As I have always said,

" High impact Smart Cities are 90% sociology and 10% infrastructure".

What this means, is that the success of early stage Smart or Gigabit City projects, are almost entirely dependent upon effective community engagement and the selection of Community Champions.

When a community responds positively to a Smart City pilot, and the economics are there to support its ongoing sustainability, then the City and local investors will step up to the plate to consider further investments - not before. Moreover, when businesses and residents are part of the community engagement, the local talent and funding base has been engaged. Therefore, the community can look forward to the most effective Smart City ideas becoming part of a Smart City community solution.

Over the last four years, my team has developed a community engagement process from our experiences in St. Louis, the Town of Newmarket Ontario and Kansas City, that engages both the community at large and the local educational system. Recently we ran two days of sessions with the City of Carbondale and Southern Illinois University with fabulous results.

We also produced an introductory education session, a Playbook (community strategy and roadmap) and a suite of executive documents including an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem assessment, an Economic Development Impact Statement (community revenue flows), an ongoing Community Engagement recommendation and an Implementation Bench-Mark Timeline for the next 12 months. Here are links to both of the two day sessions:

Please note that the first video has been messaged around ultra high speed Internet access only.

Connecting Carbondale Community Engagement Sessions.

Please note the second video has been messaged around community revitilization only.

Unveiling of the Connecting Carbondale Playbook.

Our current plan is to remain engaged with the City of Carbondale as advisers/mentors and particpate in the Community Champion selection process that we developed for Carbondale. Then, as community revitalization begins to take place and produce measureable results, we will return to this same page to share those results with you.

December 2015